Tactical Airsoft & Milsim Magazine Issue #2

Tactical Airsoft & Milsim Magazine Issue #2
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Product Description

Master Sergeant “Mad Max” interview

Game Organizer: Using EOD Role in MilSim Scenarios

Airsoft News

Ask the Master Sergeant

Field Recon: Advanced Tactical Compound

Recon Mission: Demolitions Expert/ Grenadier Role.

Northern Wind IV

Columbian Blend III

Blind Fury IV

Berget V

Tactical Throat Mic review

AAA Tactical Combat Vest

Li Po Battery Pack

Thumper TG-6 Training Flashbang

EOD Style Molle Chest Rig

AGX Holster

Noveske KX3 Flash Hider

Operator Plate Carrier


Marushin M500 SSB

Mad Bull AGX Light

Mad Bull Patriot Long Kit


Project Spectre

Airsoft Engineering: Add 100 Feet to your M203's rocket

launching capability!

Battle of the Claymores!

Echo 1 M4 Tactical Carbine

AMBUSH! How to set up.

AMBUSH! React to ambush.

Spec Ops with Col. Longgrear

Ambush Training Drills

Build your own 3-D Moving Target!

3-D moving target drills!

Balloon training drills!