Tactical Airsoft & Milsim Magazine

Tactical Airsoft & Milsim Magazine
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Product Description

All new Tactical Airsoft and MilSim Magazine. Here is what to expect in the first issue:

*Airsoft Boot Camp

*Military Advancements: Ibis Tek

*Airsoft News

*Rally Round the Troops

*Wisconsin Airsoft Expo

*Operation Irene IV

*Operation Night Scorpion II

*Operation Black Aurora II

*Condor Armor Carrier Review

*AMP ACOG Replica Review

*AMP Tac Laser Light Review

*Leapers 3-9 x40 Scope

*Multi Cam TRUs Review

*ICS-29 CQB Pistol

*Strikers Commando


*Battle of the Grenades

*Madbull Landmine

*TM Skorpion Vz 61

*How To: KSC Power Upgrade


*Tactics: Movement

*Tactics: Squad Leaders Notebook

*Tactics: Fire & Maneuver

*Tactics: Spec Ops Stories with Col. Longgrear

*React to Contact Drills

*Sight, Aquire, Fire Drills

&Shooting Weakside Drills

*Airsoft Comedy: Pimp My Gun