JUST ARRIVED: In order to address the limitations of existing systems, Magpul Industries began development of the Personal Defense Rifle™ (PDR™) in 2006. This concept is envisioned as an ultra-compact, rifle-caliber personal defense weapon, catered to military officers, non-combat personnel, aircraft/survival E&E, executive protection and airline security. It is designed to fill the unique role between pistol and rifle, by combining the capabilities of the latest generation of PDW systems while greatly reducing any logistical burden. For logistics reasons it was decided that the PDR™ would use PTS AEG PMAGs and AEG NATO standard USGI-style magazines. Backward compatibility with AEG AR-15/M16 magazines allows for emergency supplement from personnel carrying standard M16s of M4s. The PTS PDR AEG features the most current concept designs that have been envisioned for its real world counterpart.